Vigéssimo primeiro postal enviado

Johanna - Aänekoski - Finlândia

Beach near Funchal, Madeira, Wattercolour by John Holdcroft.

Pediu postais com cães...

Procurarei em Braga e só vi pieguices sem graça nenhuma.

Voltei a lembrar-me da Madeira por causa do nome da minha mãe.

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Johvi disse...

Hi Maria,

Thanks a lot of your card. It is very nice!! I like that kind of cards too. This is my first card from Portugal! I like also the poststamp! Oh, your mother have same kind of name as I, it's very hard to find someone from postcrossing who have same kind of name as I. I think Madeira Island is warm in winter time. And my dream is going to visit there and also in Portugal.

Well, Happy Postcrossing!!