17.º postal recebido

Surpresa! Este postal também é da Finlândia!
Claro, não é?
Tarja - Lapónia - Finlândia.

3 comentários:

Tarru disse...

Hello Maria!
Thank you for your message.
Yes, I would like to have a postcard from Braga, it's so kind of you,
thanks a lot
My adress is:
Selanpaa, Finland
Best wishes,

Tarru disse...

Hello Maria!
Thank you for you nice postcard, it has arrived. The stamps are also very pretty. As you wrote, it's very peaceful and relaxing view, I could imagine to sit there in the balcony and look at the sea, enjoying the sunshine
Have a nice day & happy postcrossin!
Tarja from Finland

tbarroso disse...

Tu quando envias os teus postais, também os scannas?